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Kevin DiPetrillo


Southern Insurance Advisors

1103 Macy Dr.
Roswell, GA 30076

Kevin DiPetrillo grew up in the insurance business. His father, John DiPetrillo, was an insurance company executive for 25 years before starting a Nationwide Insurance agency in 1990. One of Kevin’s first jobs as a boy was filing, making copies, and vacuuming in his father’s office. Kevin attended the University of Georgia beginning in 1996 as a Chemistry major, but after enjoying an elective Introduction to Insurance course in the business school he changed his major and graduated with a degree in Risk Management & Insurance.

Kevin began working in a Nationwide agency in 2001 as a Customer Service Representative. In 2005 he joined his father’s Nationwide agency as a commercial insurance agent and together they changed the name to Southern Insurance Advisors (SIA). By 2011 the agency had grown to be focused primarily on commercial insurance. At that point Southern Insurance Advisors became an Independent Agency representing many carriers other than just Nationwide.

Southern Insurance Advisors has grown rapidly since aligning itself as an independent agency. Kevin still focuses on commercial insurance, but now spends much of his time helping the SIA team to bring the level of service and advice to new clients and old that has defined the family business since the beginning. Kevin lives in Roswell with his wife, Brooke, and their two children, August and Carmen. He enjoys family time, travel, snow skiing, and community events around the Roswell area.
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